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Our Healing Center

We are a family owned wellness center that love helping others through natural pathways. The EESystem is the perfect fuel our bodies need at the cellular level to improve circulation, oxygenation, and balance our health. Our 24 unit EESystem has recliners and zero gravity chairs. We are conveniently located off Ga. 400 and Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, Georgia.

We welcome everyone to our center where we know you will feel at home.

The Positive Energy Center Family,
Alison, Norma & Ron

What Our Clients Say

I have to tell you several things starting with how much I appreciate you letting not only me but all the veterans come free, what a perk. Also I have been telling Beth I think it has really helped me with my eye issues. I watch TV sometimes without wearing glasses.

My muscles seem to be better as well not to mention how much energy I have especially after 2 hours of therapy. Granted I am not completely cured of all my issues but that is my goal. Thank you very much.


I visited the center because I love Alternative Therapies! The technology is amazing! I am the worst napper on the planet. When I wake up for a 20-minute nap, I am groggy and irritable for 2 hours. I fall asleep here in 5 minutes and wake totally refreshed!!

Best benefit for me was a quieted monkey mind! Overall experience A++!! Love it here!


I cannot recommend Positive Energy Center enough. I have completed 10 hours and I’m into my second 10 hour sessions. I had depleted energy for two years because of an autoimmune condition, and after the first 10 sessions, my energy and appetite were back. If you have tried everything else, and you believe in miracles, you need to try this.